Hand Crafted Brooch Felt Collection by Depeapa

Depeapa is Veronica de Arriba’s Etsy Store. Veronica hails from Granada, Spain, and works as an illustrator. Her gentle images depicting everyday life makes her artwork much sought for; the vintage, classic look takes most of her creations and is wildly accepted in today’s contemporary design. Veronica created Depeapa to give her illustrations a second life other than in print, and in this way, she is able to turn her artworks into new, refreshing pieces that can be used for personal and home.

So far, most of her works can be seen depicted on a variety of accessories and jewelries. She creates these one of a kind brooches by hand, all stitched and illustrated with her whim. Veronica loves to display her sense of design in any way she can, as seen in this collection of felt brooches which can be worn throughout the day. Each is backed with thick felt to ensure the durability in spite of having fabrics used as base.

These felt brooches are a delight to see. However, Veronica also proceeded to create designs for books, shirts, pillows, mirrors and even dolls. Veronica loves to think that there will be people all over the world, walking around with her creations. She regards this silent influence with magnanimity and wonder. Visit her site at www.depeapa.com.