Still Life Paper Cut by FIdeli Sundqvist

Fideli Sundqvist repaints still life images with paper, glue and mixed media materials rather than a paint brush. Using her skills in paper folding, plus her eccentric way of protruding three-dimensional appeal to her works makes these objects appear as if they were the real thing. Like familiar dioramas students used to make during their high school days, the charming touch placed into every object upon the stage seems to create a vibrant little life, all worked out in full details to embody the truest mimic as much as possible.

Born in Uppsala, Sweden, Sundqvist starts out her liking for this form of media when she was young. What first inspired her were the illustrations upon linoleum, giving the same appeal as paper cuts. It is when she became exchange students in China when she brought home new ideas for this craft. Moved by the beauty and intricacy of this technique, she resorted to use silhouettes at first. However, her craft transforms into a full bloom as she continued to hone her skill.


Casted with the beauty of light and shadow, her works are inspired by people, conversations, urbanscapes, nature, books and dreams. She loves travelling and seeing new things which can become new motivation for her art. Presently, Sundqvist is living and working in Stockholm. See more of her work at