The Joke’s on Me, Rouen

The joke’s on me.

Okay, I don’t want to spoil it, but it is beginning to be evident that most of the situations I have been writing in my novel somehow comes to life. Funny? Crazy is the word, I tell you.


It was Saturday when my laptop broke down. The technician termed it as a “blackout.” Since it can still be powered on (but not booting), I thought the problem was just trivial. So I was really surprised when the technician calls up and tells me that the motherboard gave away, and its repair is potentially as expensive as buying a new laptop.

Two years, I say. All of my writings, completely gone. And I have been recently brainstorming for a new chapter opening. Just when I thought I had it! All those words, those ideas, those scenes. That moment of epiphany only comes once, and I lost it.

Makes me remember that my character Rouen had the same experience. That one experience which entirely changed her outlook. In a day she was a changed woman. Her life didn’t turn out as she thought it would, but what happened next is definitely AWESOME.

I’m so excited for the new things!

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Rouen’s Diary | Continuum

Currently like this:

It’s been a long time since I went back writing my novel, and re-reading it again, I found it refreshing. For the first time, I finally liked my work (Hooray!). And it’s like I’m going to pursue this storyline. So far, the developments are surprising (I’m the writer and I’m surprised at the flow myself, haha), and I love the new ways fate has led the band and Rouen to meet. I’m so looking forward the next chapter, which is about the L&F, and tracing their family back to the district legends who used to play with the passageways.

And yes, there’s a lot of guitars playing in the background to just boost up my inspiration / brain juice level.

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Rouen’s Diary | The Perfect Substitute

We’re finishing the ‘Collecting Strangers’ arc, and we’re leading the way to the ‘Teaching How to Sing’ chapter. I’m super excited culminating scenes for Rouen and the band, but I feel too lazy to write everything down. Oh, if only the words I could think of immediately gets written into a notebook? Wait a minute! That could work for another good story!

I know, it;s ridiculous to think of a Book 2 already when Book 1 isn’t finished yet! I’m really eager to wrap up the first book at least, so that my readers (ehrm, two avid ones) can finally get the taste of the Substitute Singer that’s been raving in my mind. And her meeting with the original singer is far crazy awesome!

I always take a good look at my home church’s band, trying to feel the mood of the bassist, the keyboard, the drummer and the lead guitar—one of which never actually existed. But, hey, my imagination works in this one, for Mat is my special pride, and I could get his inspiration from a dozen of characters set to lash out at the world with a sincere Tsundere character.

Ehem, so anyways. I WILL finish the story, perhaps in two years time, because just the beginning takes a rough start; I’ve changed the introduction chapters for three times already, just as when the story was getting to the next arc. So hopefully, I am able to portray the right moods and emotions for each circumstance, and I have no doubt this will be an enjoyable read.

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Rouen’s Diary | I am Here

I guess novelists have a great problem dealing with the stories they write, for if one good plot comes after another, they;d ultimately polishe their already-written one to an extent. This is probably one reason why writing a novel takes such a long time!

I’ve actually made MANY versions of my story, and it sucks to just start over again. My main problem is not about the whole plot, but the lead character, whom I have to bless with a unique personality and circumstance so that the whole story will be put together. Rouen is a great lead for me, she’s not very much outgoing but has so many things going in her mind. As an illustrator, I could actually show that, but it’s hard when using just words. The REHASH RD is a new, refreshing take on the story, giving Rouen much time to develop in the story all through out, but I want the beginning to be interesting, because the character is just plain and ordinary, unlike the story which is about to unfold and change her life forever.

I want her to strongly say, “I am here, look at me, notice me,” and all that sorts. I should find the rights words and emotion for this!

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